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A Possible Future For Drones Similar to Mini 2

Drones Similar to Mini 2 – Recently, a very interesting article on Google’s “Nexus Blog” mentioned that Google is working on a project with drones similar to the mini-2 and the netbook. So why would Google want to do this?

drones similar to Mini 2


The Google team was working on something called Google Wave which is an app to connect all of your devices through one application. It would work like Google Wave on a cell phone, but instead of allowing people to call other people with their phones, they would be able to send email to each other and play music from their laptops. They were also looking at ways for people to send files from their laptop to their cell phone and vice versa. Another group of employees were working on a new feature for the Gmail search engine. The reason that Google wanted to develop this project was because it was a way for them to make money. When Google started working on something similar to the mini 2 with a remote control and a high tech camera, people had a lot of concerns about the safety of it, the legalities, and the security issues involved. When Google took these questions out of the equation with their project, it was a much easier time for them in developing a program that everyone can use.


The concept of Google Wave or anything remotely related to this idea may never become a reality, but that doesn’t mean that Google isn’t working on this concept. It is clear that Google is looking into new ways to make money and get more customers. Drones may just be one of the first applications that Google has developed for this purpose.

Different Types Of Access Control Systems

In all the fields of personal and commercial security, access control systems are the selective restriction of access to some certain area or entity. It basically involves the application of a system in controlling access to specific area or entity by a particular class of people. Access control is basically the process of controlling who is allowed into a certain area, business, government institution or person. The act of entering or accessing can mean using, consuming, or taking something that is not permitted.

Understanding the Different Types of Access Control Systems

As far as buildings are concerned, the various forms of access control are door-locks, locks and deadbolts, and alarms. All these are made up of different types of technology that includes electronic systems, radio transmitters, and sensors that detect movement or any disturbance. The main purpose of door-locks is to limit access to individual areas and entities such as offices, malls, schools, business establishments and residences. This type of lock is commonly found in houses.

Alarms are another kind of system that can be installed at any place, whether it is at home office, or a commercial establishment. Alarms are designed to make sure the system is activated at certain times. One of the most common types of alarms is the burglar alarm. This type of system can work effectively if it is installed properly. It is important for the burglar alarm system to be placed strategically at a location where the most people will see and be able to contact it.