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Benefits of Timber Flooring

Timber flooring is a natural product made from reed, juniper, cedar, pine, or redwood that is used for decorative or practical use as interior or exterior flooring. It is a very popular choice in the home because it is available in so many different species, tones, colors, and cuts. When purchasing timber floors, it is important to determine what type of wood you are purchasing. The most commonly used wood is cedar, which is also one of the most popular floor types on the market. There are many benefits to buying timber flooring over other types of flooring products, such as carpeting or tile. Here is a summary of these benefits to purchasing this type of flooring.

How to install Timber Flooring

Cedar is naturally resistant to moisture, mold, insects, fungus, rot, and warping. If you have a hardwood floor in your home but are looking for something more durable, then consider getting some cedar flooring to finish off the look you are aiming for. Cedar is also a very versatile wood, which means that you can take your cedar flooring from room to room and change its look. You can get it in dark cedar tones or light white cedar tones, which will go with almost anything in your home. If you want cedar flooring that goes well with any decor you have then try to get some different sized pieces, because they will match a wide variety of decor.


Another benefit of cedar wood is that it is very easy to maintain. Unlike other types of wood that need to be sealed every so often and are expensive to do, cedar floor is easy to care for. Just sweep it down once a month and wipe it down with a damp cloth, and you are set to have a beautiful cedar floor. You don’t have to do anything to keep the floor clean, because it is naturally oil based, which makes it easy to clean without damaging it. Cedar has no stains, so it will not scratch or discolor as other types of wood may do. If you want to protect the floor, then cedar is the perfect option for you. Cedar wood floor is also one of the most durable types of wood available today, and it is easy to repair damage if any occurs over time.

Why Mexican Shelter Manufacturers Use Maquilas

Mexico shelter manufacturing is a fairly well established process which allows foreign manufacturers to establish a maquiladora – or industrial manufacturing plant – in Mexico without going through any of the red-tape involved in opening a Mexican business. In fact, many foreign shelter manufacturers find Mexico shelter services to be preferable to opening their own Mexican production plants because they can avoid a number of the problems and complexities that are inherent in setting up a Mexican business.

Consider Shelter Manufacturing in Mexico

The foreign shelters can also benefit from Mexico shelter services because they can reduce their own tax liability by operating in the Mexican maquiladoria in much the same way that a foreign domestic company would be taxed in its home country. In this respect, a foreign shelter is treated just like any other foreign domestic company. It must obtain a commercial invoice and provide an official receipt of the purchase of their own commercial equipment. The same applies to sales and services provided by the foreign shelter.

As one would expect, the Mexican maquiladoria is also similar to the maquilas in the rest of Latin America. The main difference is that a shelter manufacturer can choose their own employees for work in their Mexican shelter factories rather than being limited to foreigners from a foreign country. In addition, Mexican shelter manufacturers may have access to subcontractors who can perform the labor and other tasks that may be performed in the production of shelter products.