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Henderson Heating & Air Conditioning

Henderson Heating  Air

Henderson Heating & Air Conditioning Company is a company that manufactures and sells AC/DC systems, heat pumps and ductwork. The company was founded in 1974 by Bill Henderson, who had become dissatisfied with the inefficient air conditioning that his contracting business required from suppliers. As a result, he decided to develop an improved system that would cut down on operating costs while providing comfortable temperatures in homes and businesses. A strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has remained a hallmark of the company and they are still dedicated to providing customers with the best HVAC products on the market today.

Henderson Heating & Air Conditioning

Some of the many types of HVAC equipment that are manufactured by Henderson include window type, central thermostatic, evaporative cooler, table top, direct vent, and industrial models. All of these air conditioning units are designed to meet a wide variety of cooling needs. Some of the Henderson Heating & Air Conditioning units even feature options such as remote control operation, programmable thermostats, and auto shut off capabilities for safety and convenience. When purchasing HVAC equipment you need to make sure that it is from a manufacturer that is trusted by professionals such as HVAC contractors. If you purchase a machine that is not reliable, it could lead to costly repairs or even replacement.

The Henderson Company offers a wide range of air conditioning units and ductwork for all types of applications. Large businesses and commercial businesses that need customized air conditioning can trust Henderson HVAC to provide their needs. Industrial units are great for businesses that operate in large buildings and have large inflow of dust, debris, and pollen. Window type units are designed for residential and commercial applications that need air conditioning during hot weather but do not want the noise that accompanies a heating and air conditioning unit. And for smaller businesses, they offer ductwork that can be installed directly to the indoor air quality of a business without the use of an installation expert.