How To Join REAL Broker

How To Join REAL Broker have completed your 75 hours of approved broker pre-licensing courses and passed your final exam you will get an email from the company that contains a link to log in to RE Zen, which is your desktop dashboard. There you can see your production numbers from your real estate sales, your stock capping rewards, revenue share information, and more. It also allows you to upload your contract for your broker’s review.

You can also learn from top-producing agents and real estate experts through live video sessions hosted multiple times each week. The brokerage also provides articles and guides for self-study. Agents can also attend weekly national conference calls for networking and one-to-one coaching.

Exploring the Steps: How to Join REAL Broker

Team leaders that embody the core cultural values of REAL can qualify for their elite status which reduces their cap to 50% and gives them free REAL stock in addition to their earnings. This can save a team leader thousands of dollars per year which can help them be more profitable and pay off their mortgage faster.

REAL Broker has a robust commission structure with an innovative revenue share program that makes it very attractive for new agents. They also have a proprietary alternative to DocuSign called Real Signature and a new consumer app that will connect buyers with lenders. The brokerage also offers several other tools and resources including a cutting-edge mobile app, cutting-edge tech products for their clients, and a giving community.

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