Selecting an International Temp Agency

Millions of temps are agence d interim international to work each week, a phenomenon known as non-standard employment or NSE (see this article for more on NSE). But the staffing industry does little to ensure that these workers get enough work to sustain their lives, and HR professionals often find themselves dealing with problems they never imagined. Take, for instance, a temporary driver for a rental car company who wasn’t given a background check and slammed his vehicle into another, injuring the other driver. The rental car company was left with a lawsuit and a major mess to sort out.

A global temp agency can alleviate these issues and save growing companies valuable time and money. However, it is important to carefully select a global temp agency to partner with, taking into account pricing structures and other factors. This is especially true for international hiring, which often requires a special set of skills.

Global Connections: The Role of International Temp Agencies

When selecting an international temp agency, look for one with a local network of specialized talent in the areas where you plan to recruit. It should also understand local laws and regulations, including nuances that may be difficult to grasp when interviewing candidates on the phone. In addition, a good international temp agency should have the ability to act as an Employer of Record (EOR) for its clients, providing ongoing compliancy support.

An EOR is a third party entity that takes on full legal responsibility for employees hired in a foreign territory, eliminating the need for companies to open their own subsidiaries or deal with local compliance regulations themselves. An international temp agency that acts as an EOR can save companies time and money and ensure they hire qualified candidates while avoiding fines for violating international labor law.

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