Where You Can Find Good Violin Cases


A good violin rental in Singapore will protect your instrument from the elements. It will also provide a level of comfort when carrying it, particularly on longer trips. Some cases are designed to be lightweight, and a few offer temperature and humidity control systems for protection in different climates.

Consider the level of protection that you will need, and the features that you want, such as interior compartments for accessories like rosin and extra strings, bow holders, a string tube, or a music pocket. You should also check the case dimensions against your violin, and ensure that it fits correctly.

In Harmony: Harmonizing Your Violin with Premium Strings and Cases

The most popular and high-quality cases are made from wood or a composite material such as fiberglass or ABS. These offer good thermal insulation and are fairly light, although they can be expensive. Some cases have specialist suspension systems to hold the violin above the bottom of the case, protecting it from minor knocks. Others have a plastic tube that can be used to store spare strings.

Some modern cases come with features to improve security, such as a combination lock, backpack straps, or a padded strap to secure the scroll of the violin at its neck, so that it does not fall off. They can also offer extra storage space, and are often water-resistant.

Some brands of violin cases are aimed at students and beginners, while others are more luxury options for those with higher budgets. For example, BAM cases are revered by professionals and have a strong reputation for quality. Other manufacturers include Gewa, which offers stylish models at a more affordable price point than BAM.

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