Dating in Istanbul – Where Romance is in the Air

Istanbul is a city of mystery, fabulous architecture, world-class markets and gourmet foods. It’s also a place where romance is in the air. The key to dating in Istanbul is being aware of the cultural differences. For example, lunch in Turkey is much later than the typical western time of day – so you may not be able to enjoy the same dining experiences as you would in the UK or US. More info

In addition, family values and traditional gender roles play a significant role in Turkish culture. Understanding these values is important to ensure a happy and healthy relationship with a Turkish man.

Aside from the obvious romantic sights, such as the awe-inspiring Hagia Sophia or a sunset Bosphorus cruise, there are plenty of other ways to find romance in this massive city. From spooky trips to the Basilica Cistern, to enjoying a local experience such as raki ve balik on the Nevizade street of Taksim, there are plenty of unique and thoughtful date ideas.

From Bosphorus to Beyoğlu: Exploring Istanbul’s Dating Scene

For an authentic experience that will create memorable moments, try watching the sunset at one of Istanbul’s beautiful vista points. The interplay of the sun’s rays with the historic skyline and domes of mosques, is an unforgettable experience that will make your date remember this magical city for years to come. Alternatively, you can take a night-time horse-drawn carriage ride through the Old City or attend a poetry slam in Karakoy, to explore the lively Istanbul artistic scene.

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