Insurance Agents and Brokers – OTL Exam Difficulties

otl exam difficulty

The otl exam difficulty is a exam to pass. You have to know the material and understand how they ask questions. Many students who think they know the material fail because they haven’t practiced and mastered the way the examiners ask their questions. This is why we created these otl exam questions for you to help get you used to the style of questions that are asked and help you prepare for the way they word their answers.

If you are a new insurance agent or broker in Ontario you will need to take the Other Than Life (OTL) exam to be licensed. This is a 2-hour exam with 110 multiple choice questions and you need 75% to pass. The Insurance Institute offers online OTL licensing courses and full programs with exam centres around the province.

Decoding Difficulty: Understanding the Complexity of the OTL Exam

The study also examined different factors associated with student perceptions of otl exam difficulty. The results suggest that instructors’ perceptions of otl exam difficulty are influenced by their beliefs about the proportion of underprepared students in the class. In particular, if instructors believe that more than 40% of their students are underprepared, they are more likely to report negative OTL. This result could reflect that instructors who are aware of the extent to which their students are underprepared may alter their teaching practices in order to make the course more accessible to all students. Alternatively, it is possible that instructors who do not believe that all of their students are underprepared experience strong internal framing and fail to respond to feedback about the quality of their otl exam instruction.

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