Warehouse With Office Space

Warehouse with office space is a growing trend as more companies opt to go for a dual-purpose facility. Having both a workplace and storage area in the same place brings a number of benefits including cost efficiency, greater productivity and improved safety.

Is a warehouse a factory?

The most economical way to build a warehouse with offices is by utilising a mezzanine floor. By installing the offices to the underside of the mezzanine you also avoid the extra costs associated with lighting and smoke detection on the first floor as well as the need for access points. It also creates a vantage point for production managers to oversee warehouse operations.

A mezzanine can be fitted with a staircase and an enclosed lift to give the impression of a standalone building and provide easy access. In-plant offices constructed on a mezzanine are also popular for their ability to save space and incorporate observation areas. Whether your office is located in the air or on the ground, it is essential that you take accurate measurements before starting construction. This includes determining height as this can impact how you connect utilities like electricity and plumbing. You should also consider the sound performance as warehouses can be noisy environments. This is where plasterboard with varying densities can help. It is also a good idea to consider insulation between the warehouse and the offices as this will improve sound performance.

Choosing the right materials and layout are important to achieving a successful warehouse with office design. Choose hardwearing flooring and specify wall coverings that can be easily cleaned. Ideally you should also select steel partitioning systems as these are durable and robust. Finally, think about practical MEP design needs such as the location of the bathrooms and where you will position air conditioning.

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