Ogden Fulfilment

Ogden Fulfilment focuses on offering a complete range of fulfilment services, including warehousing, storage and order fulfillment. This includes both B2C and wholesale orders from a range of industries. They have a wide experience with local, regional, national and international delivery.Go here:ogdenfulfilment.co.uk

Ogden utilise Mintsoft’s warehouse management system for both their own operations and the benefit of their customers. They love that they can whitelabel the software to include their logos and colour scheme, allowing them to reinforce their brand and provide a smoother user experience for clients. The straightforward software also makes it easier to onboard new clients. The change from manual processing to automation has enabled Ogden to offer a faster service to their customers, as well as reduce the amount of human error they were previously encountering.

Green Fulfilment: Ogden’s Commitment to Sustainable Supply Chain Practices

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Ogden is home to many excellent 3PL warehouses, thanks to its proximity to the popular ski resort town of Provo. The city’s smaller size offers less competition than Salt Lake, making it a perfect location for growing businesses looking to expand their warehousing operations.

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