The Metal Fabrication Process

In the metal fabrication process, various machines and techniques are used to turn raw metal into desired products. This process varies depending on the individual project. The most common processes are cutting, bending, welding, and assembly.

What are the two most common types of fabrication?

Cutting is one of the simplest metal fabrication processes. It cuts the sheet metal into required shapes. Most commonly, the tool is a bladed saw. However, there are other types of tools such as waterjet cutting.

Bending is a process that can be applied to pipes, bars, and other metal pieces. It is widely used in the automotive and architectural industries Carolina Fabricators.

Shearing is another process that is often used to cut sheet metal. A grinder is also used for finishing touches.

Extrusion is another metal fabrication method. It produces a cylindrical piece of metal. Unlike drawing, this process uses high-pressure machinery to create the metal.

Forging is the oldest metal fabrication job. To do this, a worker must heat the metal to a high temperature. Once the metal cools, it takes on the shape of a cavity.

Another popular method is mandrel bending. It uses a metal piece that is attached to a stationary hollow die. Using the die, a technician can break the metal into a radial direction.

CAD is the most important design software for metal fabrication. It allows engineers and designers to create designs in 3-D. It also facilitates easy translation of a design into programming for fabrication machinery. Typically, a customer will complete the design phase for standard parts. After the design is complete, the manufacturer will work with the customer to determine the best manufacturing approaches.

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