Phoenix security systems is a small business based out of Wilmington, Massachusetts. The company has been in business for 15 years or so, and boasts a respectable $364,646 in annual revenue. Despite its relative youth, the company manages to maintain a stellar service record, and a top-notch customer service department. The firm’s best bets are its burglar alarm maintenance and monitoring services. The best part is that it doesn’t charge a fortune for its services.

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The company specializes in a full complement of security products, and has several local offices to serve its customers’ every need. The company’s ironclad commitment to customer service is a refreshing change of pace from the cookie cutter slasher that is your typical big box alarm system provider. The company’s business model is founded on the premise that the best way to provide top-notch security is to ensure that its customers are well-served and their needs are met with a high degree of flexibility.

The company’s business model consists of two divisions: one focuses on commercial security solutions, while the other provides an array of security solutions for residential properties. The company’s offerings include monitored security systems, fire and life safety systems, access control, and video surveillance solutions. The company is particularly adept at installing and configuring systems to meet the needs of its clients. As a result of its extensive experience in this particular field, it is able to provide the best solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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