gravity bong flip

If you’re looking for a more convenient way to enjoy a smoke session, the Gravity Bong Flip is an excellent option. It features a complete set that includes a glass bowl and aluminum hookah. With the included 3-foot silicone hose, you can easily connect your smoking device to the gravity bong and take a direct draw. The gravity bong also has an adjustable mouthpiece that lets you adjust the angle of the smoke to suit your taste. This device is ideal for germ-free consumption and is also compatible with most smoking devices.

What you should know about gravity bongs ?

This gravity bong can contain a high THC content. Because of this, new users should wait to try it until they are more familiar with the effects of higher THC levels. Other than that, using a gravity bong is no more dangerous than any other method of cannabis smoking. In addition, most of these devices are made of food-grade materials. And unlike other devices, gravity bongs are safe for users, as they use only non-toxic materials and can’t cause any harmful side effects.

A gravity bong flip is an excellent choice for a high-quality smoke. Its rotating mechanism activates by the kinetic energy generated by cascading water displacement. The reverse airflow technology and natural gravity combine to produce smoother draws.

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