Advantages of Overhead Water Tower Construction


overhead water tower construction

Overhead water tower construction can be an important part of a community’s water supply system. These towers can be as tall as 150 feet, and feature a distinctive paint scheme and city logo. They also contain lights that illuminate the structure for motorists. Another important benefit of an overhead water tower is its ability to regulate the volume of water in the water tower, allowing for optimum control of water flow and quality, click here


One project that was completed by Snyder & Associates was the installation of a new water reservoir for Magnolia, Iowa. The team recognized that a full water tower would be excessive for a small town of 180 people. In such a case, the firm recommended a 50,000 gallon standpipe tower. This provided the community with better water pressure, adequate water supply throughout the community, and ample storage for emergency situations. Snyder & Associates’ expertise also helped the community secure USDA funding to pay for the project.

Another advantage of a water tower is its ability to supply water during a power cut. This feature is especially helpful in areas that are subject to power cuts. The water tower can keep the water running for hours, but cannot do this for very long without electricity. In addition, electricity is required for the pumps to pump the water into the tower. Moreover, water towers serve as reservoirs during peak usage hours. During these hours, the water level in the tower decreases, while at night, the pump fills it back up. During cold weather, the water in the tower can prevent the pipes from freezing.

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