A Guide to Men’s Clothing

mens clothing

When it comes to mens clothing, there is a huge variety to choose from. There are shirts in many colors and designs, and mens pants come in different styles. You can choose from a casual pair of jeans or a more formal pair of dress pants. Mens suits are also available, which are also a great way to make an impact with your style.

Many mens clothing styles have their roots in the 1930s, when Americans began to break away from the formalities of fine dress. Changing work habits and the emergence of mass production made menswear an everyday thing. Some brands even introduced ready-to-wear clothing. The 1970s were an interesting time for men’s clothing. The craze of the time led to some edgy styles.

In the early 19th century, mens clothing was mostly made of linen. The shirts were worn day and night and could go weeks without laundering. Before the development of breeches, men did not wear underpants. Shirts were tucked around the legs. Men also wore stockings, which came up to the knee. Wool and linen were common materials for stockings.

Fleece is another popular option for winter, and is perfect for working-from-home days. Some popular brands produce a range of fleeces, including Patagonia’s. These are available in a variety of colour schemes.

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