Kedar Talwalkar’s Tantra School

Tantra School is an exceptional spiritual institution dedicated to the true spiritual traditions of the ancient tantric sciences. Its founders, Drs. Prabha Vayu and Subhadra Swarup, felt that the art and science of Tantra had been ignored or looked over by western society and so they set up this Tantra school to correct this imbalance. Tantra is one of the most sought-after forms of spiritual studies in the west today. People from all walks of life want to boldly explore the natural paths of Tantra, Yoga and meditation in order to bring new insight and energy to their lives.

How To Improve At Tantra School

Tantra school was established to facilitate the process of exploring, mastering, and using the powerful and beneficial teachings of the ancient tantra scriptures. The primary aim of this institution is to impart tantra and yoga training to individuals who are not yet initiated into these forms of spiritual practices. It aims to help beginners in the art of tantra by preparing them with the correct tantra techniques and tantra philosophies. This Tantra school also offers master classes for advanced practitioners who can now turn towards this ancient science with more confidence and ability. Its primary aim is to educate students on the basic concepts of tantra and to raise them up to a higher level of understanding.

In the year 1989, a famous kashmiri shaivism (meditation) master named Kedar Talwalkar established the first ever globally renowned tantra school in Delhi, India. His mission was to make the art of tantra and its philosophies more accessible to everyone. He did this by setting up tantra ashrams across the country that provided personalized instructions for a nominal fee. Since then, this ashram has become a globally popular destination for kashmiri shaivism seekers who have come to learn the secrets of tantra meditation. Over the last few decades, thousands of tantra enthusiasts have also visited the ashram to get personal instructions from the renowned tantra teacher.

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