Bonnet bras, sometimes referred to as a convertible bra, are one of the many styles of bras that are designed with an underwire, usually at the underarm level, and the ability to lift the breasts. What it does is lift them past where your nipples are located, so that when you wear it, your breasts look bigger. Well in plain terms, a bonnet bra is a bra (or a front-end cloths bra, etc.) that has a thin fabric (usually silk or even velvet) that covers the front of the cupboard to prevent it from scratching, chipping or breaking. The bonnet style is often seen in lingerie, especially adult costumes.

Different types of Bonnet Bra

bonnet bra


These bonnet bras were very popular in the 1960’s but have declined in popularity over the years, probably because more women are comfortable using other types of underwear. Perhaps the most popular bonnet bras are those that are made from silk/spandex and that have either a scoop or wide base to help keep them in place. This helps avoid any drooping that happens if there are small breasts or if they are positioned improperly. Most bonnet bras today are a bit higher cut at the bottom to prevent them from rubbing on the bottom of a woman’s jeans or panties, thus helping maintain their proper form and shape.

Although there are many variations of this type of bra, they are all shaped similar, with the center fitting over the nipple, and the bonnet is going up over the breast. There is no difference in the positioning of the breasts, whether you are looking at a bra with a scoop, wide or otherwise. Today, they can be found in many different colors, from black to blue to pink depending on what your taste is. Bonnets come in many different styles, just like standard bras, and can either be strapless or have a wire to help support the breasts. Most bonnets have an elasticized corset to give the necessary support to keep the wearer up and wearing her outfit for a very long time.

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