How I Got the Job Interview at Work

how I got the job

How she got the job  is one of those questions that many people wonder about when they are getting ready to enter their career in the field of computer sciences and in particular, they wonder how they can do it without a PhD in Data Science. The answer to this question is very simple, and is actually rather obvious: if you don’t have a PhD in Computer Science, then that’s just not going to be a possibility for you. This may not sound very realistic, but consider this: even after you finish college, and after you have spent many years of your life studying mathematics, and indeed physics, you still cannot get a job as a fundamental physics or something like that – not unless you are willing to do an internship in Paris, or doing research with super-secret scientists. However, when you graduate from college, you have this incredible opportunity to actually find a job where you will actually be able to apply some of your skills.


It all comes down to one very important point: if you want to make the big money in the job search, you need to have a lot of experience. It may not be too much to consider if you have the experience, but consider it this way: what is the point of doing a great job at a great company, getting a fabulous raise, and getting all the nice perks that go along with the job, if you know nothing about the company? That is to say nothing of how awesome it is to be involved in the social dynamics of a successful company – working with so many intelligent and creative people. You need to have a PhD in Data Science, and you need to know how to use this to make your dream job search reality.


Fortunately, there is actually a company called the Machine Learning Meetup, which has assembled a team of PhD holders from University of Toronto, Berkeley, Harvard, Stanford, and many others who have the expertise necessary to actually meet this challenge. This group has actually created what is called the Machine Learning Meetup, which brings together an entire community of researchers who have the background necessary to work on solving this problem. The Machine Learning Meetup is actually a website where you can find out more about this amazing opportunity to have a PhD in Data Science and meet other people with the same drive as you. If you are looking to get involved in this exciting and potentially lucrative industry, I urge you to visit the Machine Learning Meetup website right now!

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