Double Glazed Windows

A glazed window is simply a window with a layer of glass on the surface of the window. Glass that has been tinted or coated with a polymer or other substance that imparts a colour to it is often used in glazing. The term is sometimes used interchangeably with ‘plexiglass’. This type of glazing can either be formed into a solid piece or as an imprinted design and is sometimes combined with various types of treatments such as adding leadlight. There are many different types of glazing available, with each having different benefits to the consumer.


Double-glazed windows can be made from different materials, including aluminium, wood, toughened glass (although this is not the only choice), sheet metal and toughened glass (sometimes referred to as ‘GRP’ or ‘GRP coated glass’) and are available in both pre-manufactured and ‘custom-made’ forms. These windows offer the benefits of protecting against heat gain or loss, maintaining required room temperature, being easy to clean, and offering increased energy efficiency through the reduction in gas and electricity bills due to the improved insulation. In terms of the double-glazing industry, the most common types of window are ‘double glazed windows’ and ‘fragilized windows’. However, there are now many options available which have not been previously considered, such as ‘low-e coating’ and ‘coated glass’. Some suppliers will specialise in a particular type of glazing to compliment their products, such as bay and panelling options, as well as tilt and turn panelling for both internally and externally facing glazed windows.


In terms of cleaning, some of these glazing options do not require painting. Other types require specialist methods of cleaning to prevent dust build-up and reduce the need to scrub constantly. For example, ‘low-e coatings’ are low-gluing solutions that adhere to the surface of the glass, preventing any streaks and scratches, providing a crystal clear, streak-free, virtually maintenance-free window. This is the most effective method of combating the build-up of dirt, grease and grime in these types of double-glazed windows, where a vacuum cleaner or wash cloth is usually recommended to remove the dirt and keep it from returning. Other options for cleaning include using a damp cloth dipped in a low-abrasion dish washing up liquid, or in a ‘wet chemical’ solution containing a low-abrasion agent to remove the dirt and grit.

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