Should I Choose Managed or Unmanaged VPS?

What is Unmanaged VPS Hosting | KnownHost? VPS Hosting is also known as Virtual Private Server, in which you rent out an entire server instead of renting out an individual VPS. It’s technically both dedicated hosting and shared hosting. A VPS is essentially a computer running inside a virtual machine. With managed VPS hosting you get complete control over the hardware, software and applications on the server, but don’t have to share it with other clients. The drawback to managed VPS compared to collocation is that if you want to move your VPS, you will need to buy or lease new hardware and/or software and will lose any and all data that you’ve stored on your VPS server.

Managed or Unmanaged VPS

An unmanaged VPS comes with a lot more freedom, but as a result, it’s also much more expensive than a managed VPS hosting. The reason for this is because a VPS system allows for much greater flexibility when it comes to choosing your applications, operating systems and hardware. It also allows for much greater customization, such as being able to install software and hardware that you’ve found to be best suited for your particular business. However, there’s one thing that many people often overlook and that can seriously impact the performance of your VPS – its RAM.

RAM is a very underrated aspect of any hosting provider. If you’re looking at getting a really cheap VPS package, then you should always look at the RAM size of the server that the VPS will be connected to. The more memory a VPS comes with the faster your web pages will load; this is why so many people are choosing managed vps hosting because they’re so inexpensive. One of the downsides to unmanaged hosting though is that it comes with the risk of your entire VPS being compromised. For this reason I strongly recommend that if you’re going to go for managed vps hosting that you make sure that you have plenty of RAM for your website’s operation.

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