Leadership Roles and Appointment of a Chair of the Supervisor Board

The chairman of the supervisory board is an important body of executives, which consists of all the directors of an organization, where the chairman makes important decisions concerning its future. It’s responsible for overseeing the overall work of all the managers and all other personnel in the organization. Its role is comparable to that of a CFO in other large companies. look at this

The chairman of the supervisory board

Because the role of a chairman is so huge in a large company, there are several individuals who are often considered for the position. Two of these people are usually the CEO and the CFO, although the current leader may choose to fill the chairmanship by either being an audited independent director or by being a former CFO. Many directors who are also shareholders are also considered, if they have the financial and accounting background that a larger firm would require.


One of the areas that the chairman will typically review is the management review process. This includes such areas as the corporate governance policies, the compensation policy, corporate fraud and compliance policies, and other procedures related to the audit committee’s work. This is very important because the review can be the basis for the governance model that is put into place at the upcoming Annual General Meeting. Other areas that are reviewed may include the corporate governance model that will be used at the 2021 Annual General Meeting and the performance review policies that will be enforced during the 2021 Company Board Meeting. It’s important for the chair to review these areas annually to make sure that they are still relevant and useful to the company.

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