What’s the Best Pillow For Allergies?

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The best pillow for allergies is the one that best fits your specific needs. Some people have very sensitive skin and cannot take the feel of downy soft pillows. Or, perhaps you just like to use pillows to add a bit of color and style to your bedroom. Either way, there is a type of pillow out there for you. The trick is, finding the right one for you. Resource – www.slaapcity.nl

What’s the Best Pillow For Allergies?

One of the most popular types of allergy relief pillows are memory foam pillows. These pillows work because of a unique foam called visco elastic foam. This foam has the ability to trap heat; thereby, cooling the temperature inside the body. Therefore, when a person sleeps, his or her body can stay nice and toasty without the need for any type of heating device. Memory foam pillows are ideal for both back sleepers and those who enjoy tossing and turning in their bed all night long.


Another type of allergy relief pillow is made with a water based filling material called polyfill. Polyfill has many advantages over traditional foam. Because it contains no memory foam, there is absolutely no way to know whether or not it will provide a proper fit. Additionally, polyfill does not require any type of heat source to maintain its shape. Because of these advantages, polyfill is preferred by many over other types of water pillows.

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