Day: August 29, 2020

Tattoo Parlour Shop Hawthorn – Swanbourne Australia

The Tattoo Parlour Shop Studio Hawthorn, a small business in the centre of the city is located on the corner of Hawthorn Road and Stoney Creek Road. The studio is located just off of Swanbourne Road, the first street in Swanbourne. This shop specializes in providing design services and art for both men and women. The studio is only one room with four chairs, a counter top and three reception desks with a desk in the center. There is no bathroom available, however there are small showers that are available. Click Here –


Tattoos are not always for men. You will find that some women prefer tattoos as well. There are two different types of tattoos to choose from and it is up to you to choose what is right for you. If you are looking for a tattoo that is unique and one of a kind, this studio might be the right fit for you. There are a lot of people that get tattoos all over the world. If you are considering getting a tattoo in a city like Swanbourne, you might want to consider using a shop near this area in order to be able to travel around a lot easier.

The studio has a very simple website. It does not have a lot of information about the design services they offer and their hours. There is only one person that works at the studio.