Day: August 17, 2020

Selecting the Right Tree Surgeon

The root barrier is an effective method to provide protection for roots as well as to reduce tree diseases. The root barrier should not be used on trees that are dying. This procedure must be performed by a trained arborist and not by someone who do not know what they are doing. A tree surgeon knows how to properly apply the barrier, how to determine if a tree needs to be removed, and the best way to apply the barrier. Link

Choosing a Tree Surgeon!

Another important part of tree care is pruning. The trees are cut back to create room for new growth and to allow the tree to breathe and grow freely. In addition, the pruning process will prevent the tree from becoming too large. The tree surgeon may trim the branches or limbs to make the tree more manageable.

Tree surgeons will often take trees that need to be replanted. The replanting process is often performed on public or government land. It is often done to help prevent the trees from spreading to other properties. After the replanting is completed, the trees will need to be watered and weeded to prevent them from taking over the landscape. After the trees have been replanted, they will need to be weeded and fertilized.